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Family in the Farthest Corners
 Family in the Farthest Corners. For most of us, coming home  driving through traffic from a long day of work means ... ...


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Family in the Farthest Corners

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Publicado en: 04/23/16


Family in the Farthest Corners.


For most of us, coming home  driving through traffic from a long day of work means being greeted by a spouse and children. If you have family living abroad, it’s not that simple. Being surrounded by the ones you love is replaced by visits via Skype ,Viber or FaceTime. How does it really feel when loved ones live half way around the world? This blog explains some of the differences distance can make.

When your loved one lives in a remote area of other side of the earth ,it is not always easy to chat with them, even with the advances in social media. Facebook ,twitter, Instagram does no good if your family has no internet connections available. In situations like this, snail mail becomes the middle-man. You run to the mailbox daily, hoping for a letter and maybe some pictures of your loved ones. Exciting news can’t be shared immediately. You have to wait for your spouse to go to town where a public phone is available. Receiving calls with different time zones can be tricky. forced to pay long distance rates or pay for calling cards still do not have coverage all time. You will end up staying awake, talking at 3 a.m. just to hear their voice. 



Your choices are sleep or hearing about what your children are doing. Festivals , christmas ,new years and other happy family times are the  most unpleasant times finding yourself alone and hoping for next excitement unity. Of course you are going to forfeit sleep. 

God forbid that an emergency should happen to you or to them. In third world countries you may not get the news for weeks. Getting word from your family that there has been an accident will have your stomach in knots. With spotty phone and internet connections the frustration will continue to mount. 

Everyday people face these situations. Military spouses, people who have to leave to find work, Government officials, immigrants and other circumstances separate families. Keeping connected   with loved ones is hard. Missing your family is even harder.

        Perseverance and patience are key to keeping your sanity. 


Nice one

Por Rick hill, 04/29/16
Great written.
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